Kosher Dairy menu

   Start Your Meal Off With Style….

            Choose from butlered hors d’ oeuvres, a cold table with fresh fruit, and crudites or a combination of both.
"Our signature cold table"

          Attractively designed display of Fresh Fruit, An Assortment of Domestic and Imported Cheeses, Vegetable Crudites, Hummus, Baba Gannoush, Spanish Eggplant Salad with Pita Triangles, Crackers and Dips.

   Add Grilled Marinated Vegetables

       Spice things up with a chafing dish of our Homemade Soy Sweet and Sour Cocktail Meatballs
          Add Our Signature "Mock Chopped Liver"

"Hors d’ Oeuvre Packages"

These packages are available individually for the perfect cocktail party or added on  a buffet or served meal.

Three Hour Cocktail Reception           One Hour Cocktail Reception                    

 3 Items from Category A                           1 Item from Category A          

            2 Items from Category B                        2 Items from Category B                  

           2 Items from Category C                            2 Items from Category C                  

                                                                               Our Signature Cold Table     

Butlered Hors d’ Oeuvres

There are three categories of hot and cold Hors d’ Oeuvres available for your selection.       We invite you to mix and match them to create a package suitable to your event.

Category  " A "
Potato Knishes    

Potato and Spinach Knishes
               Mango and Tuna Skewers            

      Raspberry and Brie in Phyllo
        Feta and Roasted Pepper in Phyllo  

Fresh Fruit Skewers
            Asparagus Tips wrapped in Nova   

California Rolls

Category "B"
 Fresh Tomato Bruschetta

Smoked Fish Canapes
Potato Latkas 

   Assorted Dim Sum
                          Vegetable Stuffed Mushrooms                  

           Salmon Cakes with Wasabi Mayo
                    Seared Ahi Tuna on a Wonton Crisp with Wasabi and Sesame Soy Sauce
 Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes 

Mushroom Brie Tartlet

Category "C"

 Asparagus and Asiago in Phyllo
                          Mini Bagel Pizzas                             

Assorted Mini Quiches
              Mozzerella Antipasta Kabob           

        Fingerling Stuffed Potato Skins
Fresh Tomato Bruschetta

 Smoked Fish Canapes
Potato Latkas 

 Assorted Dim Sum
                   Vegetable Stuffed Mushrooms                  

          Mini Salmon Cakes with Wasabi Mayo

Soup Shooters – Choose from:

Butternut Squash, Roasted Tomato, Salmon Bisque and French Onion with a Cheddar Crouton

Add On Stations
          Upgrade your Hors d’ Oeuvres package by adding any of these station choices

Sushi Station

Oriental Station including California Vegetable Rolls, Tuna and Salmon Maki attractively garnished with Wasabi, Pickled Ginger and Soy Sauce

  Upgrade to Sushi Bar – Made to Order by Sushi Chef

  Blini Table

Assorted flavored Blini with Traditional and Sweet Toppings including, Sour Cream, Caviar, Chopped Egg, Black Olives, Assorted Jellies and Jams, Whipped Flavored Butters and Spreads
Mashed Potato Bar 

Elegant display of Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Sweet Mashed Potatoes served with Black Olives, Chives, Sour Cream, Vegetable Chili, Cinnamon, Brown Sugar, and Broccoli

     Mediterranean Station 

Falafel, Israeli Salad, Tabouleh, Hummus, Baba Ganoush, Spanish Eggplant Salad, Pitas and Tziki Sauce
 Enhance it with our Delicious Fresh Grilled Vegetables

Fish Market Station

Smoked Whitefish, Trout, Kippered Salmon, Gravlax, Mackerel, Nova and Seared Ahi Tuna, Served with Cocktail Breads, Dill Sauce, Lemons, Capers and Onions   

Catering Services

Our Kosher Dairy Cold Buffet
Challa (2)
Bagels and Rolls
Cream Cheese, Lox Spread and Butter
Sliced Tomato, Onion, Cucumber and Olives
Choice of Four Salads

Tuna Salad, Egg Salad, Pasta Salad, Cous Cous Salad, Rice Salad, Roasted Vegetables, Tuna Nicoise, Marinated Mushroom Salad, or a Custom Designed Salad
Fresh Fruit and Assorted Pastry
Coffee and Tea Service
Children  (6 –13 years) (includes Mini Bagel Pizza)

Add On's

                     Sliced Nova Lox                      
    Smoked Smoked Whitefish     
                    Additional Salad                            
                         Hot Dairy  Item                         

Oneg Shabbat Buffet
Assorted Finger Pastries
(Lemon Bars, Brownies, Cream Puffs, Petit Fours, etc.)
Fresh Fruit
Assorted Soda and Bottled Water
Decaf, Coffee and Tea Service
All Necessary Clear Plastic Disposables Will Be Provided
All Necessary Linens Will Be Provided For Food and Beverage Tables

Dairy Hot Buffet
Choice of Salad with Dressing
Your Choice of Fish, Vegetarian or Pasta Entree
Two Accompaniment Choices
Dinner Rolls
Coffee and Tea Service
Additional Accompaniments  Additional Entrees are available

 Served Meal

Your Choice of Salad or Soup

Intermezzo Course Available Upon Request
One Entrée
Two Accompaniments
Challa and Rolls
Coffee and Tea Service       
          Assorted Desserts designed by pastry chef available
 Refer to Hors d’ Oeuvres Page for all Hors d’ Oeuvres Selection
Please Note
Any fees charged to the caterer by the synagogue will be added to final bill

Choose a Salad or Soup to start your meal with,

Roasted Pear and Goat Cheese
         Mesclum Greens, Grape Tomatoes, Roasted Anjou Pears, Goat Cheese, Candied Walnuts and Balsamic Vinaigrette
Field Green Salad
          Tender Baby Lettuces and Romaine, Dried Cranberry, Fresh Tomatoes and Cucumbers with Terra Stix and served with Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing
Crisp Romaine Hearts with Imported Grated Parmesan Cheese, Fresh Homemade Croutons and Sliced Black Olives with our own Caesar Dressing
Springtime Salad
Field Greens with Strawberries, Candied Walnuts, Boursin Cheese, Cucumber, Grape Tomatoes and a Citrus Vinaigrette
Asian Salad
Baby Greens and Romaine tossed with Sliced Almonds, Mandarin Orange Segments, Cucumber, Grape Tomatoes and a Rice Wine Vinaigrette
Tuna Carpaccio*
Paper thin Slices of Ahi Tuna, Topped with Shaved Fennel and a Roasted Tomato Vinaigrette

Butternut Squash Soup served with Candied Walnuts and Sour Cream
Hearty Vegetable Vegetarian Soup
Creamy Roasted Tomato Soup
salmon & Dill Bisque
Vegetarian Chili


Stuffed Flounder
Fresh Flounder Filet Stuffed with Sautéed Spinach and Roasted Red Pepper, Served with a Fennel Saffron Sauce
Dijon Nut Crusted Salmon
Fresh Salmon Seasoned with Dijon and Honey and Topped with Chopped Walnuts and Pecans
Teriyaki Chilean Sea Bass*
Fresh Sea Bass Filet Grilled and Glazed with Teriyaki, Ginger and Lime
Norwegian Poached Salmon
 served chilled with a Creamy Cucumber Dill Sauce
Tropical Mahi Mahi*
Grilled , lightly seasoned and topped with Fresh Mango Tomato Salsa
Roasted glazed Salmon
Pomegranate and Balsamic Glazed 
Thai Salmon
Black Sesame Crusted, Served over Rice Noodles with Scallions, Fresh Grated Ginger and Orange Segments

Smoked Salmon and Asparagus Crepe
Rolled in a Dill Crepe with a White Wine Sauce
 Tuna Nicoise Pasta
   Linguine topped with Flaked Tuna, French Green Beans, Nicoise Olives, Halved Cherry Tomatoes and a Light Vinaigrette
 Salmon Primavera
  Angel Hair topped with Salmon, Primavera Vegetables and a White Balsamic Vinaigrette


Vegetarian Strata
Grilled Eggplant, Zucchini, Yellow Squash, Red Pepper and Onion layered with Parmesan and Mozzarella Cheese in a French Bread Crust
Butternut Squash Ravioli
Served with Sautéed Spinach, Olive Oil and Pine Nuts
 Eggplant Rollatini
          Sliced Eggplant filled with Roasted Peppers, Basil, Spinach and Mozzarella Cheese
Stuffed Portabella Mushrooms
Mushroom Caps stuffed with Balsamic Roasted Vegetables and served over Rice Pilaf
Egg Soufflé Quiche
   Available in a variety of flavors, encased in homemade, tender pie crust
Sweet Blintzes
          Cheese Blintzes served with Blueberry and Cherry Sauce and Sour Cream
Available Sweet or Savory, favorites include Apple Raisin and Spinach Mushroom
Four Cheese or Vegetable Lasagna

with Creamy Alfredo Sauce
* Entrées and Salads marked with an asterisk are available at Market Cost

Please Choose two accompaniments


Garlic Roasted Red Bliss Potatoes
  Halved Baby Red Potatoes Seasoned with Fresh Garlic and Roasted in Olive Oil
Oven Brown New Potatoes
Fresh New Potatoes Quartered, Seasoned and Roasted
Long Grain Wild Rice with Walnuts

Yukon Gold Smashed Potatoes  with Roasted Garlic
Rice Pilaf
 Onions, Olive Oil, and Herbs
Mediterranean Orzo
Rice Shaped Pasta cooked Al Dente, with Olive Oil, Diced Tomatoes and Fresh Basil
 Fall Harvest
Fingerling Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes and Apples Roasted with Thyme
     Potatoes Au Gratin        
Buttered Noodles
Greek Style Pasta
Penne Pasta with Feta Cheese, Sundried Tomatoes and Olives


Balsamic Glazed Brussel Sprouts
Steamed Broccoli with Lemon
Steamed Asparagus with Garlic
Ginger Snow Peas and Baby Carrots
Baby Carrots with Dill
Walnut Grilled Asparagus  
Fresh Vegetable Medley
Fresh Broccoli, Cauliflower and Carrots Seasoned and Steam Cooked
Sautéed Squash Parmesan
Sautéed Squash Layered with Reggiano Parmesan Cheese, Fresh Basil and Roasted Red Peppers
Bundled Haricot Verts*
   French Green Beans Bundled with Julienne Carrots and Tied with a Leek
Green Beans with Sesame Ginger Vinaigrette
Green Bean Almondine
Asian Vegetable Stir Fry
Asian Vegetables Seasoned with Sesame Ginger Sauce and Sautéed to Perfection
Pesto Primavera Vegetables
Italian Vegetables in a Zesty Pesto Sauce
Grilled Marinated Vegetables
  Delicately Grilled Assortment of Vegetables in a Balsamic Glaze, Served Room Temperature

Children’s Options:
Entrée Choices

                      Grilled Cheese                        Macaroni and Cheese

     Mozzarella Sticks
Personal Pizzas
Cheese Quesadillas
Fish Sticks
Spaghetti with Marinara (optional veggie meatballs)
Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches
Tuna Salad Subs
Potato Latkes with Applesauce
Baked Ziti
All Entrées choices can be served with French Fries or any of the side choices listed on the standard menu

 Kids – Friendly Stations

Soft Pretzel Machine Super  Soft Pretzels served in an Electric Revolving Soft Pretzels Machine with Mustard on the Side         
Popcorn Machine Buttery Popcorn Freshly made in an Old Fashioned Popcorn Machine
Slushee Machine Choice of two flavors of Icy Cold Slushee Drink      
Cotton Candy Machine – ight as a feather Sugary Candy made to order, just like at the County Fair


An alternative to the Traditional Buffet, Station Buffets add entertainment with tables of meals made to order by culinary professionals

The following are Served with a Salad Choice and Coffee and Tea Service

Pasta Station Guests choose from Three Varieties of Pasta, Garden Fresh Vegetables, Marinara, Alfredo and Pesto Sauces, and Garlic Bread .    Add Fish $$
Stir Fry StationQuick Wok Stir Fry of Oriental Vegetables served with Teriyaki Fried Rice, Lo Mein Noodles, Soy Sauce and Fortune Cookies    Add Fish $$ 
Crepe Station
Fish, Rattatouille, Spinach, Mushrooms, Asparagus, Feta Cheese rolled in Handmade Crepes and Topped with a Choice of Sauc

Dessert Stations

Crepe Suzette Station
Fresh fruits, Whipped Cream, Cinnamon, Brown Sugar, Powdered Sugar, and Chocolate Shavings wrapped in Handmade Crepes
Flavored Coffee Bar
Coffee service offering Flavored Coffees, Syrups, Cinnamon, Whipped Cream, Sugar and Sweeteners and a Tea Chest.          
Ice Cream Sundae Bar Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream, Served with Assorted Fruit Toppings and Sauces, Cherries, Cookie Crumbs, Whipped Cream, Sprinkles and Nuts

 Chocolate Fondue
Dark or Milk Chocolate Fondue served with Fresh Cut Strawberries, Pineapple, Banana, Pretzel Rods, Marshmallows, Donut Holes, Rice Krispy Treats, Cookies and Skewers for dipping


        We offer many dessert options to provide the perfect ending to your meal

Viennese Dessert Table

Assorted Cakes, Petit Fours, Pastries and Chocolate Dipped Fresh Fruit  $6.50 Per Person

Custom Cakes

Single Layer Decorated Cake
Half Sheet - Serves 35 – 40                       Full Sheet - Serves 45 – 50   
Double Layer Decorated Cake Filled with Strawberries and Bavarian Cream

                   Quarter Sheet - Serves 20 – 25           Half Sheet - Serves 35 – 40     
                   Full Sheet - Serves 100      
   All meals include complimentary Coffee and Tea Service which may be substituted for our homemade Fruit Punch
    The following beverage options are available to add on to any meal
          Soda and Bottled Water – Includes Plastic Cups and Ice
          Full Bar Set-up– Includes Juice, Mixers, Stirrers and FruiTS          
Iced Tea, Lemonade, Juices and Milk are available


*Additional Delivery Fees May Apply

Hot Buffet                                         Spa Breakfast

Scrambled Eggs, Potatoes,                Yogurt with Granola and Honey

Kugel or Blintzes                              Fresh Berries

Danish, Muffins, or Croissants                  Mini Bran and Banana Muffins

Jellies, Jam and Butter                      Pineapple Salad with Lime and Mint

Fresh Fruit                                        Herbal Tea
                                                    Coffee and Tea Service Ice water with Lemon                                                  

Cold Buffet

Danish, Muffins and Croissants
Jellies, Jam and Butter
Coffee and Tea Service
Add Juice –your choice of Cranberry, Apple or Orange or any combination
Add Sliced Fresh Fruit                               Add Bagels and Cream Cheese

Omelet Station
Omelets made to order with Lox, Cheese, Onions, Peppers, Tomatoes, and Mushrooms
Stuffed Smoked Whitefish,
Assorted Bagels, Cream Cheese, Butter
 Sliced Tomatoes, Onions, and Cucumbers
Kugel or Blintzes
Fresh Fruit and Assorted Pastry
Coffee and Tea Service
Plus the cost of Culinary Professional(s)
Add Sliced Nova Salmon - $$

Deli Luncheon Menu

  Classic Sandwich Platter
A variety of Fish Salad and Roasted Vegetable Sandwiches on Premium Bakery Breads and Rolls     

Mini Sandwich Platter A variety of Fish Salad and Roasted Vegetable Sandwiches on Premium Bakery Mini Croissants and Rolls
Fish Salad Platter
Tuna Salad, Egg Salad, and Whitefish Salad with Swiss and American Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, and Onions, Condiments, and Premium Bakery Breads and Rolls   

Add a Salad…
Choose from:  Tossed Garden Salad,  Caesar Salad, Cole Slaw, Classic Potato Salad,  Penne Pasta Salad,  Wild Rice Salad, Red Potato Salad with Dill and Lemon Vinaigrette, Orzo Salad with Mango and Red Onion,Grilled Marinated Vegetables
Add a Soup…

Choose from: Butternut Squash,  Roasted Tomato,  Vegetable Vegetarian,Vegetarian Chili, Minestrone, Cream of Broccoli, French Onion

Soup and Salad served with Fresh Bakery Bread and Rolls  

Half & Half     
Half Sandwiches accompanied by your choice of Soup or Salad 

Sweets and Treats

          Cheese and Cracker Tray   (serves 25-35 guests)
Fresh Fruit Tray  (serves 25-350
          Cookie and Brownie Tray   (serves 12-15 guests)
          Pastry Tray (serves 12-15 guests)

All catered events require an added service charge and 6% PA sales tax
This covers the cost of set up, clean up and on site culinary professionals for the duration of your event.
If you choose not to have culinary professionals on site, the service charge may not apply, however delivery fees may be added
Some events may require service personnel, which can be arranged
Minimum time for all Servers and Bartenders is 3 hours, and travel time will be added to the time required for your event
          We offer a variety of quality products, pricing and information is available upon request